Tambobong, Dasol - Pangasinan's Best Kept Secret

Tambobong is a quiet fishing village at the very ends of Dasol, Pangasinan.
It is not as accessible as the other top destinations in this scenic province, but the trip (no matter how rocky) is totally worth it.

People are beautiful, warm and friendly who do not hesitate to give a helping hand.
The beaches are some of the best we have been to and the waters are crystal clear and at times, eerily placid.

There are a few family run resorts that provide ample accommodations, food and boat rides to Culebra Island. The common feedback from those who have been lucky enough to reach this place is that in these resorts, you are treated like family or neighbors. They go as far as cooking a pot of rice and whatever is in their freezer so you could have a warm meal to enjoy by the beach which is no more than 5 meters from the resort.  (Tambobong White Beach Resort / Nanay Benilda)

The best way to enjoy Dasol is on an overnight trip! There are some huts that touch the edges of the water - perfect for night swimming. The tides disappear in the morning to reveal what appears to be a seaweed farm but return by noon into it's lovely and pristine white sand beauty.

 But if you think that you have seen all of its beauty, you are dead wrong. Culebra Island is something that you should NOT miss when you are in Tambobong.

For Php 700, a boat can take you to the uninhabited island of Culebra.

Depending on weather conditions, the boatride could be of on waters so still, that the smooth reflections are mirrorlike. You may be surprised at the flying fish that frequently shoot out of the water and skim the surface for several yards. Your whole boat could also be surrounded by schools of fish skipping out of the water.

The water is also sooooooo clear that you can see the bottom even when it is probably more than a dozen feet deep!

And and as you approach Culebra, the water color changes into breathtaking hues of green and blue that you thought existed only in first class beaches like Boracay. Not at all. being a big fan of Boracay and Palawan, we can honestly say that quality wise, Culebra can confidently compare to those two.


For the most part, getting to Tambobong is pleasant with numerous pretty sights of the country life, lush greenery, farm animals and kind people. It could be challenging however if your party is trying to get there in your own vehicle that is not built for rough and rocky roads. While 4x4 vehicles may whisk through in a cloud of dust, lowered sedans might not be as sturdy and have to drive slowly.

Also, just because brgy.Tambobong is a locality of the municipality of Dasol, it doesn't mean that it is your point of entry. Do this and you might find yourself at a forked road to nowhere or at the dead end of a remote farm at the top of the hills.

Remember to go through the Town of Burgos. Follow the instructions on google maps.

Those who choose to use public transportation will find Tambobong more easily but will be at the mercy of the bus and tricycle schedule and availability.

How to commute to Tambobong, Dasol.
Manila to Alminos, Pangasinan - 4 hours (Victory Liner)
Take an Olongapo-bound Victory Liner bus
Get off at Burgos Market, in Burgos, Pangasinan.
Take tricycle to Tambobong White Beach. Try to negotiate from the standard  fare of 300 pesos.It takes 1 hour from Burgos Market to Tambobong

For a hassle-free trip, Travel North can take you and your group to Tambobong, Dasol PLUS Cabongaoan beach in Burgos for an overnight trip for as low as Php. 1950.00 per person

When you do get there, take in all the peace and serenity that has been missing in the more popular destinations nowadays and capture the beautiful sights and memories not only in your camera but in your mind.