A Guide to Natividad Falls, Natividad, Pangasinan

Pangasinan is not just blessed with wonderful beaches. It is also lined with a series of easy to reach waterfalls that are accessible in less than an hour from the newly opened Rosales exit of the TPLEX.

Natividad, Pangasinan which shares borders with Nueva Ecija is one of the new up and coming destinations not only for eco-tourism but for pilgrimage as well.

Here's how you can make the most of your trip.

Start out your day early and prepare for some moderate trekking that could last as much as an hour.
You may opt to camp out in one of the swimming resorts that line the irrigation creek fed by the Pili river

Or choose the more rustic and local style - which is plunging into the irrigation canal itself. Don't worry, by  most standards, it is muuuch cleaner than many swimming pools out there. This is running fresh water.

When you are ready for your hike to the waterfalls,  bring enough water with you because at a certain point, you leave civilization behind and the hike may take as much as an hour. The scenery is a joy to behold. You might start thinking that this may be a good place to buy some property.

It is always better to go hiking with friends. The company takes much of the fatigue away and there will be more people to share memories with.

About 20-25 minutes into the trek, the sound of gushing water gives the first hint of the cool waterfalls that lie somewhere in the beyond.

Maybe pause for another group pic.

 Before you know it, one last hurdle and you will be sitting on one of the huge (and slippery) rocks that add to the beauty of the falls
Enjoy the clear, cool...errr cold and refreshing water. After almost suffering a heat stroke from the hike, you will appreciate water more.

 The power of the rushing water is so great that this waterfalls was once the site of a government dam project. Nowadays, it serves as an amazing waterspa (move over Ace). It's like four masseurs all at the same time!

If you still have the energy for one more hike, you might want to visit the Sky Plaza, the town of Natividad's efforts to promote ecotourism and  pilgrimage into this remote municipality. Mind you, the hike to the summit is not a joke. It is so steep that most 4 wheel vehicles are unable to go up it's paved road.

 Halfway to the summit, there is a small park and even a short zip line that costs 50 pesos to ride!

Did we mention to bring more water? You are going to need it. The summit does not cover much land but the view of the surrounding mountains is breathtaking. Don't mistaken the white cloudy thing as fog or mist - it was hotter than hot because of the humidity in summer. We will try to visit again in the cooler months.

This is the 40-foot statue of Christ the Redeemer, called “Ayat ni Apo Jesus”. It was still undergoing the finishing touches.

How to get to Natividad Via Carmen TPLEX Exit
Take Carmen-Poblacion Rosales Rd and Carmen-Poblacion Rosales National Rd to Quezon St in Tayug
Follow Tayug - Natividad Rd to Natividad - San Quintin Rd in Natividad
Turn right onto Quezon St
Continue onto Tayug - Natividad Rd
Turn right onto Natividad - San Quintin Rd
Take the 1st left onto Taft St

 How to get to Natividad Via Urdaneta City
Take Manuel Roxas Street, Asingan-Urdaneta Road, Carmen-Poblacion Rosales National Rd and Tayug - Natividad Rd to Taft St in Natividad
Head east on Ambrosio St/Manuel Roxas Street toward Jose Rizal St
Continue to follow Manuel Roxas Street
Continue onto Asingan-Urdaneta Road
Turn right at Binalonan - Asingan Rd
Turn left onto B. Ignacio St
Take the 1st right
Take the 1st right onto Santa Maria - Binalonan Rd
Continue onto Narciso Ramos Bridge
Continue onto Santa Maria - Binalonan Rd
Turn left onto Carmen-Poblacion Rosales National Rd
Turn left onto Tayug - San Nicolas Rd
Turn right onto Quezon St
Continue onto Tayug - Natividad Rd
Turn right onto Natividad - San Quintin Rd
Take the 1st left onto Taft St