Travel North - Sagada, it is where all hearts should go

They say that Sagada is where broken hearts go. We couldn't agree more. Just getting to Sagada on its twisties surrounded by the calming green pines are enough to soothe any soul in distress.

But it is not just for the broken-hearted. It is for all kinds of hearts -  especially the curious and the adventurous. Sagada is well known for its unique way of returning their dead to nature - By hanging the coffins to the side of the cliffs. Local guides are happy to tell you the interesting stories behind every piece that is attached to these limestone walls.

Sagada is also well known for its caves - The biggest is Sumaguing Cave the goes 300 meters deep into the earth in a vertical fashion that will surely give the thrills to anyone who dares. No worries though as the local guides are all trained to help any tourist of any size to successfully navigate the tricky and at some parts, slippery steps.

Visitors are then treated to a number of breathtaking stalactite and stalagmite formations.

For those who want to take their thrills up a notch, there is the Cave Connection where you enter the Lumiang Burial Cave, climb, rappel, crawl, slither and slide through gigantic boulders, cathedral-like caverns, tight and claustrophobic tunnels and just tiny, tiny cracks for about 4 to 5 hours and emerge at the mouth of Sumaguing Cave. This is a highly recommended once in a lifetime experience.

Sagada is also home to some of the country's loveliest rice terraces. The barangay's of Fidelisan and Aguid which are also access ways to Bomod-ok falls offer stunning views like in the photos below.

The majestic Bomod-ok Falls is one of the must see/ must visit places in Sagada. Travelers trek to this beautiful waterfall for an ice-cold splash.

Just before the bend  arriving at Bomod-ok falls is a small hanging bridge where people like to take selfies.

As popularized by a romantic movie - The sunrise and the sea of clouds viewed from Kiltepan Peak are just magnificent. Sagada has many of these at different spots and is never in shortage of these breathtaking scenery. However it may be elusive at times and may just be covered by a thick fog, especially after some heavy rain the night before.

You may even be lucky enough to come here with your "forever" or better yet, meet your forever here.

This horse may have found his happiness and contentment among the trees and the fog.

Another must-see is the Church Of St. Mary The Virgin which is said to be the oldest church in Cordillera. It was originally built in the year 1904 by American Missionaries. One can appreciate the architecture of the building as well as the unique crucifix inside.

Another thrill ride with a great view is getting on the top of a jeep after an energy demanding trek from Bomod-ok Falls

Not along the beaten path are a couple of places that are not popular but are actually very charming. The Blue Lagoon, although technically not a lagoon is surprisingly blue, and is a small patch of water nestled deep in the mountains. It can be reached after a minor trek through the Obwa terraces falls.

 Sagada also boasts of its Arabica coffee so don't forget to sample it at any of the coffee shops that dot this small municipality. This photo was taken at the Coffee Heritage House - the recent grand champion of the World Coffee Grand Prix in France. That's coffee adobo on the plate.

Gaining popularity are these amazing goodies -  about a dozen different yogurt flavors (blueberry, cookies and cream, avocado, yema, guyabano, rose and many more) sold at a makeshift stand by Lake Danum. People come here for the sunset and stay a bit longer for the yogurt - probably the best in the country.

Orange picking is also a well sought after activity in Sagada, although this is only possible from November to early January.

Sagada Blue Soil -  This is also gaining popularity in the recent months, especially those who have visited Sagada once before and are looking for new places to see. This patch of rock has a blue glow especially in the morning and dampened by the rain.
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After all the amazing things to see and do here, Sagada's real treasure is its people - strong, resilient, simple, kind and friendly but proud and practical. Their hospitality adds to the unforgettable experience that is Sagada

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